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  Badge me!




It's finally here: Badges on MSN Games!

This exciting new program awards you collectable digital badges for your accomplishments in each of our single-player web games! And it's absolutely free; no subscriptions or premium accounts necessary. It's all part of our commitment to making MSN Games the most enjoyable web-based gaming experience in the world.

Here’s how it works:




Step #1: Log in to MSN Games
This step is important, since your high score and badge information will now be saved on our own servers, along with your username.

Why is this so cool? Well, with our previous stars-and-trophies system, the high score information was stored in your Web browser, so you could only access it from a single computer (and anyone else playing the same game on that computer might update your score). With this new system, your scores and badges are linked directly to your personal MSN Games account, so you can add to your badge collection and view your high scores from any Internet-connected computer. So make sure to log in before playing!




Step #2: Launch one of our badge-enabled web games
We've included almost all of our single-player free web games in this new badge program! While there are a small handful of games that could not be modified to support the badge system, you'll find that most of your favorites are ready to start handing out cool new virtual awards.




Step #3: Check to see what badges are available
Once you launch any of these games, you'll see a new block of information and links on the left side of the game window. Here, you'll find an image of the next badge you can earn, plus a link to show all the available badges for that game.




Step #4: Play the game!
Just enjoy the game as always, and try to get the best score you can! Once the game is finished, you will see a list of any badges you may have just earned. To see all your badges for that game (or for any other game), just click the Badge Album link and check them out! Make sure to click on each badge for a closer look; they're lots of fun.




Step #5: Remember to check for new badges each time you play
While some badges, such as Mastery and certain special badges, can be earned in a single gameplay session, others must be earned over multiple sessions. Each time you play, your score will be added to the cumulative total for your Lifetime Total Score badge. And every game you finish counts towards your Veteran badge.




So that's it! Just sign in, play your favorite games, and collect a visible token of our respect for your skill and perseverance.  We're very excited about getting this project online, and we hope you enjoy collecting badges on MSN Games!