Description: 7 Lucky Games






The seven luckiest games are waiting for you here!

Today's your day—you've found seven of the luckiest games available! Cross your fingers, hang up your horseshoe, and grab your four leaf clover to boost your chances and play on!







Description: Lady Luck










5 Roll
Let the good times roll!  In this classic dice game a color matching element and extra bonuses will add a new layer of strategy and a twist to the gameplay!  










Where did dice come from, anyway?









Description: Make your own luck










Tri Peaks Solitaire
Use strategy, speed, and the luck of the draw to move a mountain of cards!










Once you’ve stockpiled your treasure, learn how to manage your wallet with MSN Money.









Description: Thank your lucky stars










Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star
Unleash your match-three mettle to recover the Sleepless Star!










What’s written in your stars? Peek into the cosmos at MSN Horoscopes.









Description: Lucky penny






Got the Midas touch? Turn base metals into gold by arranging runes of different colors and shapes.










Become a stock market wizard with investment tips on MSN Money.









Description: Lucky numbers






Slingo Supreme
Take a spin on this heavenly game of chance! The addictive action of Slingo returns in a big way in this innovative sequel. Combine the new power-ups and you’ll find clever ways to dominate the board.










See how your own numbers add up at Numerology on MSN Glo.









Description: Lucky in love






Gem Shop
Your Gem Shop is open for business! Match gems to make beautiful jewelry and help your customers pick out tokens of their affection!










You know what else sparkles like a diamond? An engagement ring! Get advice for before and after the wedding on MSN Love.









Description: Down on your luck






Rubble Trouble
Hit a run of bad luck? Grab a hardhat and a box of nitro and work it out in Rubble Trouble!










Still down in the dumps? Turn your luck around by getting inspired on MSN Living.