It’s just like the ordinary sort of love, but with less drama and more spaceships!

If your favorite romantic movie is “The Fifth Element” or “The Princess Bride”; if date night involves sushi, wi-fi, and a second Xbox; if you’ve ever given or received “Lord of the Rings” jewelry for Valentine’s Day, then congratulations – you’re not just in love, you’re in geek love!










In geek love, every relationship begins just after “once upon a time”, and looks forward to “happily ever after”. Snow White will always find her Prince Charming; Arwen will always return for Aragorn; Mario will always rescue Peach, no matter how many castles he has to search. It’s as simple as that. Is there any wonder why geeks adore fairy tales?









Princess Isabella - A Witch's Curse
Break the castle’s evil curse to save your true love, Prince Adam. Follow a friendly fairy and piece together clues to clear the charms cast by a mysterious witch. Blend potions and solve puzzles in this hidden object adventure through the lands of legend.













Dragon Keeper 2
An evil hag has turned your Prince into a goldfish! Enlist help from the legendary creatures of the realm to break the spell on your beloved husband. Breed dragons, hire a variety of magical beasts, and learn how to cast Dragon spells in Dragon Keeper 2!













Beauty and the Beast
Once upon a time, a charming prince was cursed by a scorned enchantress. Journey across magical lands, seek the help of fantastical friends, and overcome all obstacles to find the beauty within the beast once more!














“Time After Time”...  “The Time Traveler’s Wife”... “Somewhere In Time”... there’s just something about two people finding love across the unnavigable gulf of Time that tickles a geek’s romantic fancy.

Also, the past had much cooler clothing than we do today, so if you’re going to fall in geek love, you’d might as well dress up for the occasion!









Star Crossed Love
Search around the world and across time to find Julia’s soul mate! A cryptic online dating message leads her to the man she’s always yearned for - and perhaps always known. Solve puzzles and locate time capsules to awaken Julia’s romantic memories!













Doctor Who: TARDIS
Say what you like about the reboot of classic British sci-fi series “Doctor Who”, but Amy and Rory are still the most romantic (and butt-kicking) couple who ever crossed the universe and conquered improbable odds to stay together.














Nothing gives new meaning to “happily ever after” than a few centuries (or even millennia) of “after”!

When you first fall in love, you feel like it will last forever; when you’re in geek love, you dare to dream that it will.  After all, fairies can live for hundreds of years, right?  Vampires, aliens, even cute little romantic robots can keep a relationship going for eons – heck, maybe someone will invent nano-technological-izing immortality pills, and then geek love will be eternal!









Love and Death - Bitten
Will love overcome death for this cursed vampire? Play as Victoria by day and Damon by night in a romantic hidden object adventure! Solve unique puzzles, collect and combine items, and unlock secret passages... or this love is doomed forever!













Ancient Secrets - Mystery of the Vanishing Bride
Eternity is a long time to be left at the altar, but one spirit is determined to wait as long as necessary to be reunited with his long-lost bride. Can you use your object-searching skills, quick wit, and archaeologist’s toolkit to solve the ancient mystery and write a happier ending to this tragic tale of romance?














Because “getting away from it all” is always more fun when you’re getting away in a spaceship.  If only you could book passage to the moon for a nice, quiet romantic weekend!  And who could possibly turn down a dinner date if the restaurant was right in the middle of scenery like this?

Of course, interstellar travel isn’t always easy or safe, but you know what they say: geek love conquers all!









Galaxy Quest
It’s a big universe out there, and your partner is lost somewhere in it!  Cross the galaxy, using your match-3 skills and all the latest power-ups, and guided by his (or her) final radio transmission. Unearthly dangers and challenges await... but so do helpful robots and extraterrestrials!













Terra Farmers
The years may come and go, the lightyears might slip right by, but your faithful ship’s computer will always be there to help you get through the day... and the mission. Revive a barren celestial wilderness by producing plants and creating new species in this out-of-this-world time management adventure.










And now, a few suggestions for those hoping to find their very own Geek Guy or Gal, courtesy of the lovably dorky (and happily married) editor of xbox.com...

10 Things Geeks Find Attractive

1. Wear something quirky, but not steampunk quirky
2. Have an opinion as to which “Star Trek” series is the best
3. Be spontaneous, and able to leave the house with less than an hour’s notice
4. Respond properly to a cry of “R.O.U.S.es!”
5. Your chief complaint in life is not having room to store all of your books
6. Instead of exchanging e-mail addresses, exchange gamertags
7. Be unable to find the proper context to use the word “immature” in conversation
8. Be able to state your real-life character alignment
9. Enjoy doing some of the same geeky things together, but also bring some fun new activities (geeky or not!) to the relationship
10. Smile

Quirky… cheerful… geeky… yep, seems like good advice!

After all, until we discover how to build starships, time machines, or portals to a fairy-tale universe, we’ll have to get by on imagination, romance, and true geek love.

And honestly, that’s much more fun anyway.