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It’s easy to train your brain – just play these games! We’ve specially selected games that support six critical brain functions. Play your way to a better, brighter brain as you build mental stamina and coordination. Try a game from each category to receive a total brain boost.

Getting smarter has never been so much fun!





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Reason is what allows you to make good decisions – and avoid mistakes. Once you’ve honed your strategy with these logic games, put your wits to work for you (and your wallet) using MSN Money.





Heart-shaped drops of water rest on colorful square blocks, waiting for you to pop them! But only the biggest drops will burst, so you’ll need to plan ahead to solve each board.









The Microbie Story
Help Gloria Microbe defeat the evil virus Barbadoom by winning clever logic battles!









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Develop your visual ability with these games and nothing will get by you – like the latest viral videos, ready to go on Bing Videos.





Picture Pieces
These pictures are quite puzzling. You’ll need a sharp eye and a steady hand to place each piece in the perfect position.









Drawn: The Painted Tower
The Painted Tower is cursed. The artwork hanging on its walls has a magical secret – you can go inside the paintings! This beautifully illustrated game will stimulate your vision.









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A well-developed sense of space helps you navigate through life – literally. Check your direction and locate your goal with Bing Maps, from home or on the go.





Shape Solitaire
Arrange cards together by matching them with cards of higher or lower rank to fill an array of special shapes.









World Mosaics 5-in-1 Bundle
Pictographic puzzles, each more challenging than the last, are your ticket to time travel and fairytale land.









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“Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about,” according to this controversial expert. Whether you subscribe to that statement or not, we all can concur that without words there wouldn't be any word games – and that would be doleful, disastrous, vexatious and vile.





Wordament™ is a word tournament where every player is competing on the same board, in real time, to get the highest score. Will you be the worldwide Wordament champion?









Word Bird Supreme
Don’t you know about the bird? Everybody knows that the bird is the word.









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Did you know that a healthy, balanced lifestyle is the secret to maintaining your mental agility? Focus your mind with meditation, nutrition, and happiness exercises – you can find all these and more at Wellness on MSN Healthy Living.





Street of Dreams
Welcome to Concentration Street! Click the correct home for the passing clue to score big. Now that’s a neighborhood watch!









Starving Frog
The swamp is a dangerous place. Concentrate, avoid pitfalls and stay on the path to help Froggy get to the other side!













Ambient sound is mood-altering. The sounds that surround you can induce relaxation – or make you want to get up and dance! Find the music you love plus brand new tunes on MSN Music.







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Match blocks to make music in this addictive game. You write the song by clearing the board. Sound good?









Musaic Box
Unlock musical mysteries among your grandfather’s antiques. Discover the secret in the melodies, then create your own inspired arrangements!