All right, guys, listen up! (And we don’t mean men, we mean guys.)  Because these are the sort of games that guys will love.  They’ve got action!  They’ve got strategy!  They’ve got explosions and zombies!  They’ve got sports!  They’ve got poker!  Most of all, they’ve got awesome.  Because that’s what guys want.

So whether you’re a guy, a girl who’s “one of the guys”, or just indulging your “inner guy”, there’s something here to make you whoop and punch the air.  Bring it!










That’s right, it’s the crown jewel of guy-game genres: action!  Get ready to blast, blaze, bust, and burn your way through a half-dozen twitch-inducing challengers.

Stuff is going to fly across your screen like it just lost a fight with Chuck Norris.







Bubble Town
Rescue the residents of Borb Bay from disaster... by firing them out of a cannon!



Zuma’s Revenge
Guide your agile amphibian to victory in the sequel to the ribbeting, ballistic classic!



Rocket through space, using your mega-magnet to clear a path. Fill up your SUPA weapon bonus meter for a big brick-smashing blast!

Feeding Frenzy
There may be bigger fish in the sea, but eat enough little fish, and you’ll be tough enough to gobble up anything!



Rubble Trouble
Grab a hardhat and a box of nitro – you’re on the wrecking crew! Use explosives, rockets, even helicopters to demolish buildings in record time.

Luxor 5th Passage
Save Egypt from impending doom! Use your sharp reflexes to destroy an unrelenting swarm of colored balls before they can enter the pyramid.













To guys, a computer isn’t just a computer.  No, sir!  It is a battlefield!  (Or, in the case of Plants vs Zombies, a field of battle.)  Or it might be the cockpit of a sleek new airplane, or center stage at a concert where frantic groupies are screaming your name... but there’s no way it’s just a boring old computer.







Age of Empires Online
Play two of the great ancient civilizations, for free! Enjoy new social interaction, strategic gameplay, and customization in an evolving persistent world.



With Microsoft Flight, the sky’s the limit—immerse yourself in a variety of exciting missions, in an ever-expanding sky.







Plants vs Zombies
The zombies are invading and it’s up to your flowery friends to defend your house!



Papa’s Taco Mia
Build the best tacos for the biggest points!







Desktop Tower Defense
Your desktop is under attack and desperately needs your help!



Attack of the Groupies
The groupies have invaded and Shannon Tweed has had enough!













From the final table at the world poker tournament to the breathless silence of a grandmaster chess match, guys revel in the thrill of competition.  With all eyes on their every move, and an ace in the hole or a trick up their sleeve, they make victory look easy... and their opponents look like fools!







Mahjong Tiles
Choose from a variety of challenging layouts in this mahjong solitaire game.



Texas Hold ’em
Play this immensely popular poker variant against the computer or other players in multiplayer mode.







Play Backgammon against the computer or another player in multiplayer mode!



The king of western strategy board games is now better than ever. Single and multiplayer modes available.







Poker Pop
Advance across continents in this combination poker, mahjong and solitaire game!



Governor of Poker 2
Head to the wild west for more tournaments, enemies, and cities to conquer!













Does this section really need an introduction?  Sports games are guy games!

(One of ‘em even has monkeys in it.  Because monkeys are cool.)







Monkey Kick Off
Harness the laws of physics to help Monkey kick the coconut all the way to Monkey Village and then some!



Golf Challenge
It's always perfect game conditions when you play Golf Challenge! Grab your nine iron and tee off!







Quick Fire Pool 8-Ball
Grab your pool cue and see how many shots you can make before time runs out!



Quick Fire Pool 9-Ball
Play this rapid fire version of 9-ball billiards!







Bankshot Billianrds 8-Ball
Experience realistic, detailed billiards action!



Soccer Cup Solitaire
Play the world and shoot to score in Soccer Cup Solitaire!