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Monsters under the bed, skeletons in the closet, bats in your belfry, or wolves at your door? Learn to vanquish these frightful foes with Xbox games on Windows Phone! 






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You can do so much with your Windows Phone,
it’s almost spooky!



·          Windows Phone has over 70,000+ high quality, certified apps.



·         Sharing photos in seconds is easy with pocket-to-picture-to-post.



·         Live Tiles bring instant updates to the Start Screen with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter built-in.



·         Edit Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint on the go.











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Monsters and wolfmen and zombies, oh my!  What if you woke up on morning and realized you were in a monster movie?  Could you survive?  Train your skills in advance with these helpful games, then find even more to download at the Windows Phone Xbox Games marketplace.









Description: Monster Island

Monster Island
Monster thugs are on the loose. Stop this plague of unwanted visitors with your arsenal of mini-monster bombs.


Description: Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies
Get ready to soil your plants. Use peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more to mulchify 26 types of zombies before they reach your front door.









Description: Tentacles

Tap the screen in Tentacles and experience 40 finger breaking levels, amazing boss fights and marvel at the truly ground breaking and intuitive gameplay. 


Description: Zombies!!!

Zombies!!! puts you in the middle of the action as you try to escape the ever advancing zombie horde.









Description: Zombie Attack! 2

Zombie Attack! 2
Lovers of zombies and tower defense-style games combined have a second chance to tear into more zombies with more weapons and in more locations than ever before.


Description: Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne)

(on teh ph0ne)

Paired with an exclusive music-driven psychedelic shooter, Time Viking, as well as the ENDL3SS Z0MB1ES game mode, Z0MB1ES is infectious fun.








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Turn your Windows phone into a magic crystal ball, and search for answers from the spirit world!  WARNING: We’re pretty sure your extended warranty doesn’t cover “haunted”, so use with caution. Maybe you could get some de-ghosting tips from the experts, through Bing Search....









Description: Ghost_Hunter_Pro

Ghost Radar

Ghost Radar® is a portable application designed to detect paranormal activity.


Description: Magic Eight Ball

Magic Eight Ball
Don't be afraid ask the magic ball and you'll find an answer! Shake it!









Description: PsyTest

Psy Test (psychic test) is a fun way to test your (or your friend's) psychic ability using the famous Zener Cards method.


Description: Wikipedia

Wikipedia provides an easier search of Wikipedia for Windows Phone.








Description: 590x44_header_KnowYourEnemy





A little information goes a long way, especially when you’re trying to survive a monster movie!  Bone up on these all-important details, and you’ll avoid that next zombie, vampire, werewolf or skeleton attack with ease. For even better results, turn your body into a monster-mashing machine with advice from MSN Health and Fitness!









Description: Dracula FREE

Dracula FREE
Dracula is an 1897 novel by Irish author Bram Stoker, featuring as its primary antagonist the vampire Count Dracula.


Description: Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy
The Human Anatomy application is a SIMPLE educational quick reference app that contains the information of sixteen different biological systems.









Description: Lunar Phase

Lunar Phase
Shows the current phase and phase name of the moon. It also shows the rise and set times of the moon.


Description: Zombie Survival Tips

Zombie Survival Tips
This handy guide will prepare you, and maximize your chances of survival in the event of a zombie apocalypse.








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Whether it’s a ghostly moan, a goblin’s cackle, or just a tree branch brushing the window, everything sounds scarier at night! Use your phone to illuminate the truth, then make a little mischief of your own with these spooky noisemakers. Or you can just drown it all out with MSN Music









Description: NightLight Pro

NightLight Pro
NightLight Pro is a timed night light perfect for everyone! You set how long you want the night light to stay on as well as what color you want the light to be.


Description: ScaryPrank

Fun little app that is meant to scare your unsuspecting friends. Put your phone volume on max, launch the app and then pass the phone to one of your friends.










Description: Scary sounds

Scary sounds
It is small application that is playing random scary sounds.



Description: Scare Tactics

Scare Tactics
Scare Tactics allows you to set a prank for your friends. You can choose from a series of inbuilt sounds or record your own right on the phone.








Description: 590x44_header_EveryDayIsHalloween





Oh, who are we kidding? Spooky things are fun! So if you do wake up in a monster movie, don’t panic, just put on your favorite mask and moonwalk through the graveyard with all your zombie friends. It’s like midnight on a full moon every day of the year with these phan-tasm-tastic apps, and pumpkin pie for everyone on Delish!









Description: Critter Cards- Halloween

Critter Cards-

Critter Cards is a rich multimedia flash card app combining drawings, sound effects and narration.


Description: Face Mask

Face Mask
Face Mask is a magic tool that enhances your pictures with cool effects.









Description: Halloween Ideas

Halloween Ideas
Get some ideas for Halloween with this app. There's Halloween photos, news, and recipes.


Description: Halloween Ringtones


Have fun with this collection of spooky ringtones!









Description: Halloween Sounds

Halloween Sounds
Create your own haunted house with this collection of 12 sounds. 



Description: Mask Me - Animal Vista

Mask Me -
Animal Vista

A fun way to instantly animalize faces on your Windows Phone, and an amazing tool for your Facebook!