It’s time to give yourself a gift — a free gift! You’ll find everything you need, from word puzzlers to
action-y shooters to brain teasers to board games that are anything but boring.






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You’re used to doing it all, getting the kids off to school, then picking them up and chauffeuring them to piano lessons and then on to soccer practice.  You can handle these fast-paced flings of fun!







Luxor 5th Passage
Use your sharp reflexes to destroy the unrelenting stream of colored balls before they enter the pyramid!


Desktop Tower Defense
You’ll need a good game plan and a lot of team spirit to
defeat these little invaders
from reaching their goal across your desktop!







52 Card Pick Up
Try to clear the table by picking up cards in sequential order!


Click matching groups of three or more bricks to clear the board.  But don't let the wall of bricks reach the top or the
game will end.






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Cooking, cleaning, laundry, kids…it’s exhausting.  You need some YOU time!  Take a break and recharge
your batteries by playing these fun-filled games.  It’s not a spa day, but hey, they’re free!







Bookworm Adventures
Lex may be just a little green worm, but he’s the only hero you need in a world of mythical monsters and legendary, literary villains. Who needs romance novels?


Bejeweled 3
The classic match-3 game with fires and explosions.  That says relaxation, right?







Crescent Solitaire
A crescent of cards and a plethora of piles -- can you sift, sort, and stack by suit?  Stack from Ace to King and King to Ace.


Mahjongg Toy Chest
You put their toys away, now
at least get points for it!






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Only have a few moments on your break for recreation?  Here are a some awesome games that can be
played in under three minutes!







Mahjongg Dimensions Blast
The faster you match, the higher your score!


Pyramid Solitaire
Since when is 13 considered a lucky number? There’s no curse on these pyramids – just a lot
of classic solitaire fun!







Clear the board of colored cubes in this three-dimensional puzzler.  Be there or be square!


Daily Jumble
All the fun of the classic newspaper puzzler without the mess of newsprint on your fingers!






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Have lots of time to settle in with a good game? Try these games which allow for thoughtful moves so
you can plan a winning strategy!







Match granddaughters, moms, and grandmoms in this fun nesting doll Match-3 game.


Craft a crazy quilt of puzzle fun! Piece together colorful patches to solve increasingly intricate puzzles.







Slide ’em across the board and hear these googly-eyed balls of fur giggle and squeak. Free them by forming groups of three or more.


Freecell Solitaire
Nearly all games can be solved, if you use your free cells wisely.






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