Diamonds and rubies and emeralds, oh my!  Pendants and rings, glittery things, and jewels in every color of the rainbow – if you love precious gems, then this is the place to be!

Here at the MSN Games Imaginary Jewel Mine, we excavate the most brilliant and polished of gem-studded games, sort them by type, and hand-select only the finest for your consideration.

Would you care to see our favorite treasures?










Most jewelers like to display their gemstones on black velvet fabric, to really show off the beautiful colors.  We’ve always felt that a wooden Jewel Board works best, or even a starry night sky.









Jewel Mysteries
There’s something different about this coral reef – it’s made from puzzles! Dive down to an underwater world filled with match-3 fun and untold riches.










Bejeweled 2
Match beautiful jewels, create powerups, and solve challenging puzzles.  Which gem is your favorite?














Why have a pearl when you could have a string of pearls?  Wait... is a pearl a gemstone?  It’s made of oyster spit.  Still, they do look lovely when you chain them together on a necklace!









Royal Gems
Chain together matching gems to clear the board and amass a wealth of treasure. A king’s ransom awaits!










Monkey Gems
Break chains of rolling gems, and save an adventurous young monkey from certain doom...














If a large gemstone has obvious flaws, jewelers may consider cutting it into several pieces, then arranging the best bits together as a set.  If a group of game gems has a useless stone or two in the middle, you can always just click all the good ones and pretend the rest don’t exist.








Dragon Keeper
You’d be happy to clean up after baby dragons, too, if you knew that they pooped precious gems.  Grab as many of these shiny castoffs as you possibly can, but look out for marauding thieves and wizards!










Puzzle Inlay
Build colorful mosaic pictures out of lovely jeweled pieces.  Just pick ‘em up and place them wherever they’ll fit.  Indulge your sense of design!














You know those European-style slide bracelets, with all the fiddly little charms?  These games are like that, but even shinier.









Cubis 2
It’s like bowling, but for polished blocks of pure many-carat beauty.  Slide them across the board to make matches with similar stones, and










Gem Shop
Slide and match brilliant gemstones, to create beautiful jewelry for your ever-demanding customers.














If one gem is good, then more gems must be better! Stack up towers of treasure, mountains of moolah, columns of corundum, carbuncles, and colorless carbon crystal (or emeralds, rubies, and diamonds, if you prefer), and bring home the bling!









Joboo’s Gems
Adventuring explorer Amber Stone calls these beautiful jewels “gemological samples”.  Joboo the Enchanter calls them “mine”.  Can you survive his magical mayhem, and escape with a glittering fortune?










Zen Gems
Pile your gems high, and aim well: you’ll need all your matching prowess to avoid being buried alive!










Whether you’re obsessed with onyx, mad about moonstone, delighted with diamonds or giddy for garnets, we’re sure you’ll find something here to match your gaming style!