Farms! They’re where our food comes from. Farm Games? They’re where our fun comes from! You can bet the… uh, you know… that there’s a farm-themed game here for you, whether you love puzzle, time management, action, strategy, jigsaw or more.

And once the crops are in the barn and the fruit is picked, check out Delish, a food site with recipes for making the most out of fresh, delicious produce!



















Little Farm
Carefully select the crops on your farmland that will give you the biggest return in the least amount of time and you’ll find that you’ve sprouted a bumper crop of fun!













Farm Craft
Help local farmers take on the AgroCorporation - a huge agricultural conglomerate that wants to develop land outside of town. Save small farms and villages in this farm management game.













Dairy Dash
Help a family of city slickers successfully run a farm by caring for livestock and growing crops. The faster and more efficiently you tend to the farm, the happier your cows!













My Farm Life 2
Help Lisa tackle the unique challenges of running a rooftop farm! Tend to crops 30 stories above busy city streets. Grow crops, milk cows, and produce goods in 60 exciting episodes!














Bing is proud to present Animals Videos, dedicated to keeping you up to date on the pressing issues of our day. Do goats like playing with yoga balls? Can pigs outrun the police? Find out!












Spring Bonus
Bring in Spring in this adorable Match-3 adventure! Journey through the beautiful countryside and light the magic rainbow by melting away the Winter frost and collecting golden eggs.













Ranch Rush
Plant, pick, and carry your produce to the barn for delivery to customers. It sounds easy but you'll have to be as quick as a greased pig to get your products grown and cashed in while facing farming foes!













Eggz Blast!
To win, you’ll have to break a few eggs! In this fast-paced smash-fest, you’ve got 90 seconds to reach the backboard of the chicken coop by hurling colorful eggs. So blast those Eggz and rule the roost!













The infamous criminal, Professor Duriarti, has escaped from prison and seized the farm and all its animals. Join Supercow in her mission to save the farm!














“Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” Mary replies, “See for yourself.












Magic Farm: Ultimate Flower
Use your magical green thumb to help a fairytale florist and her little pet dragon find the Ultimate Flower.













Tangled Gardens
Delve into the underground mazes of beautiful flowers and plants in this strategy puzzle game.













Alice Greenfingers 2
Uncle Berry is the laziest member of the Greenfingers family. Help him restore his neglected farm by growing crops and raising goats, bees, cows and more!














We all know that Old McDonald had a farm – or did he? Or was it really Old Macdougal? Or Old Missouri? And was it a farm, or a field? Or a mule? Or a cow? And did the cows go “Moo”? Or “Boo?” Why are the cows booing us?









Garden Rescue
When voracious insects rush the peaceful farmland, the green defenders must rise up to save their home. SOS – save our soils!













Help Joe earn money to restore his ranch! Sell fresh vegetables, juicy fruits, flowers, eggs, and honey to the townspeople.













Bee Garden: The Lost Queen
Get ready – soon peaceful gardening will turn into honey making madness. Battle changing weather and obstacles as you bring the bees!