Red, brown, russet, gold, bronze, tan, scarlet, orange, yellow and amber. Fall is full of so many colors and so much fun! It’s the season when the woods get all dressed up in their finest. Find out the secrets of trees in this amazing time-lapse video.






When you’ve peeped enough leaves, come inside, warm up a cup of cider and settle in with games that celebrate Fall!












Fishdom – Harvest Splash
Match 3 to upgrade to the ultimate Autumn aquarium! Can you collect enough sunken treasure to afford the rare and elusive turkey-fish?












Little Farm
Harvest time is a happy time on this busy little farm. Plant wisely and when Fall comes you’ll pick a bumper crop of fun!












Money Tree
William the gardener wants to charm the beautiful Elisabeth, and the mysterious Money Tree is the key. When these leaves fall he’ll strike it rich!












Country Harvest
Grow crops, construct buildings, and expand your bustling farm. It’s a season of bounty in Evergreen Valley!












Aerie: Spirit of the Forest
Help Aerie and the will-o’-the-wisps heal Nature’s wounds. Cross forests, swamps and snowy peaks to save plants, trees, and slumbering animals!












Northern Tale
The mighty Viking king Ragnar returns home to find his kingdom cursed and his daughter Autumn kidnapped! Embark on a journey to save his family and cleanse the kingdom of evil.












Jewel Legends: Tree of Life
Play Match-3 games to win treasure and save the Tree of Life!