Once upon a time, right about now, in a magical land not very far away at all, a hopeful green frog waits to be kissed by a beautiful princess who can feel a pea through a dozen mattresses but is asleep anyway because she pricked her finger on a spinning wheel in the thorn-covered castle of a wicked queen and couldn’t guess her name before the clock struck midnight... or maybe she traded her voice for gold, but then lost her shoes…? Or was it the shoes she traded for two mules and a magic beanstalk?

Honestly, fairy tale princesses must have mad scheduling skills, just to fit all these perils into their day.










Lions and tigers and bears may be worth an “oh my!”, but dragons and sphinxes and trolls will make you shout “RUN!” (Maybe you should draw some Beware of Dragon signs, to warn the next group of adventurers?)









Dragon Keeper
Who says monsters have to be mean and ugly? Enlist the help of magical dragons to break an evil spell and save your Princess from her cursed existence as a stone statue. Breed dragons, hire a variety of magical creatures and learn how to cast Dragon spells in Dragon Keeper!













Bookworm Adventures
Lex may be a little green, but he’s the only hero you need in a land of legendary, literary monsters. Together, you’ll fight these fictitious fiends, armed only with words, wit, and a few really sweet power-ups. Spell words to deal damage to your enemies: the longer the word, the faster they’ll fall!













Monster Mash
Protect the villagers of a fairy tale world from legions of quirky monsters. Repel the bizarre invaders by fortifying villages with various towers, upgrades and unusual defensive armaments in this addictive, strategic adventure!














Oh, how we envy the residents of those fairy-tale worlds! No need to sit in line at the gas station, or remember to get your oil changed every 3000 miles. (Or is it 5000? We’ve already forgotten!) If Princess Whats-her-face or the Wise Wizard of Wherever feels like visiting a distant land, they don’t have to worry about cramped airline seats or Loudly Snoring Bus Guy. They just catch a dragon, rent a pair of seven-league boots, or shake the dog hair off the library carpet. Lucky!









Cradle of Persia
Unravel the riddles of Persia’s ancient ruins and release the genie as you travel through the land of a Thousand and One nights. Use your puzzle skills and wit to unlock a mystery never before seen by man!













Tradewinds Odyssey
An epic quest across Ancient Greece. Guide five heroes on an adventure where gods, monsters, and the Aegean Sea await! Trade exotic goods, strengthen and upgrade your fleet, deflect vicious spells, and become a true legend!













Build-A-Lot Fairy Tales
Love those faraway lands so much, you want to go live there? Here’s your chance! Build a cozy den in the Enchanted Forest, or a tasty gingerbread cottage in the Witches’ Swamp.  But you’d better build quickly, because someone might be waiting to huff, puff, and blow your house down...














If your mother ever said, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find one handsome prince”… well, you might want to take a good look at your father. If he seems a bit green “around the gills”, “with envy”, or “-thumbed”, there might be a few warty little secrets in your family tree.









Enter an all-new world of Zuma where evil tiki bosses rule the land! Fire stone spheres to make matches and destroy the deadly stream of balls to guide your agile amphibian to victory! Will you succumb to the perilous pitfalls, or can you tame the jungle in this orb-obliterating challenge?













My Kingdom for the Princess
It’s a Dark Ages disaster and damsel in distress! Now you must help the brave knight Arthur gather resources, restore a tornado-ravaged kingdom, fight Firemouth the dragon, and escort the Princess Helen home to her dying father!













Princess Isabella - A Witch's Curse Special Edition
Why should princes have all the fun, and get all the glory? This time, it’s Princess Isabella’s turn! Piece together clues to clear the charms cast by a mysterious witch. Blend potions, solve puzzles, and break the castle’s evil curse to save Prince Adam in this hidden object adventure!














Seriously, is there anything more fairy-tale-ish than a brave knight in shining armor, or an enchanted castle? Well, okay, maybe princesses. But no self-respecting princess would live anywhere other than an enchanted castle, and without a few knights around the place, you won’t have enough people for a good game of Hearts. Princesses love Hearts. (And Heart.)

Bring on the knights and castles!









Wake the Royalty
Give the nodding nobles a royal wake-up call! The kingdom’s royals are zonked, knackered. I dare say, they appear exceedingly cream-crackered! And therein lies the rub: only you can suss out how to use the lumber to wake these sovereigns from slumber!













Westward Kingdoms
Guide two spoiled heirs on a grand strategy adventure to prove their worth to their father, the king. Help them regain his trust by navigating through dangerous forests and battling ogres, barbarians, wizards, and dragons! Uncover the truth behind their royal banishment!













Not just knights and castles, but queens and bishops, too!

(Also it’s called “the game of kings”, which we think is pretty cool.)







One last note about knights and castles, if anyone reads this far:

A king rode out to revelry, with all his squires and knights.
A guard did warn these men-at-arms, "The gate falls with the light!"
And yet the sun had set before they straggled to return.
The guard allowed the first knight in, but all the rest he spurned.

For hour on hour they knocked at his tower
and asked if they could pass.

But the guard stood fast.

Then lo! Above the squires' ire and knights' declaimed disdain,
a clatter and clap of hooves was heard, a snap of whip and rein,
a horse's neigh, a courser's bay; the royal coach was spied!
The king! "The king returns! Make way, make way!" a herald cried,

"Make way for the crown!" The drawbridge down
did plunge to meet the road.

And the guard bowed low.

Through open gate the carriage sped, as knights and squires kneeled,
but as it passed, the guard took hold upon the drawbridge wheel
and spun it round, 'til iron chains did bear the bridge up high
beyond the reach of squires and knights, who raised a raucous cry.

They cursed his name to ruin and shame!
They called him dolt and daft.

But the guard just laughed.

"Well-warned you were the gates would close; you slighted my advice.
Yet even then, I raised them once. I'll not be that kind twice."
"You did, you were!" a squire squealed, "You raised it for our liege!
Why not once more, for us?" The guard replied, "Because, you see..."

"Once a king, always a king,
but once a knight is enough!"

(Writing jokes is tough.)