It's the dead of winter, when zombies, spooks and monsters come out to play! Get ready to battle the creepy and the undead with hit Xbox Games on Windows Phone.






Nokia Lumia 820




Windows Phone is a dead ringer for fun!



·          Pin a Live App to Start, and its Live Tile shows info and updates—news headlines, sports scores, weather alerts, daily deals, flight info, and more.



·          Kidproof your phone. Kid’s Corner grants your little ones access only to the apps, games, videos, and music you choose for them.



·          Pin, move, and resize Live Tiles. These amazing little gems deliver updates on your friends, your schedule, your apps, and more, right to your Start screen.



·          Point, shoot, and share in an instant. Take a photo or shoot HD video – even when the phone is locked.
















Creeping and crawling… squirming, slumping and jumping… monsters are on the move and headed straight for your Windows Phone! Stop them dead in their tracks or it will spell the end for you!









Monster Island

Monster Island
Monster thugs are on the loose. Stop this plague of unwanted visitors with your arsenal of mini-monster bombs.


Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies
Get ready to soil your plants. Use peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more to mulchify 26 types of zombies before they reach your front door.










Experience 40 tentacular levels with amazing boss fights and groundbreaking, intuitive gameplay. 



Zombies!!! puts you in the middle of the action as you try to escape the ever advancing zombie horde.










Spider Jack
Say hello to Spider Jack, an adorable arachnid with an appetite that’s hard to satisfy. Capture all of the flies in a variety of environments and help Jack get his fill!


Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne)

(on teh ph0ne)

Paired with an exclusive music-driven psychedelic shooter, Time Viking, as well as the ENDL3SS Z0MB1ES game mode, Z0MB1ES is infectious fun.













The spirits are restless, and ready to go out on the town. How about a horror film? Just remember to order the large popcorn – because when ghosts go to the movies, everyone’s a goblin.










Poynt is a local search app that lets you find and connect with businesses, movies, restaurants, people, offers and events near you.



Concerts instantly displays shows in your area. It’s never been easier to catch your favorite bands.










From high-end restaurants and boutique hotels, to under-ground bars and clubs, Unlike highlights the best of eighteen cities.



HERE Drive Beta
Got a gig to get to? HERE Drive is true offline, turn-by-turn voice navigation optimized for drivers.













That skeleton’s not coming out of your closet until you teach it to dance, so shake dem bones with the Windows Phone!










MetroRadio is the first full-featured Pandora third-party app on Windows Phone.



Harlem Shake Ringtones
Do the Harlem Shake!










Pocket Dance Party
Turn down the lights and turn up the volume because Pocket Dance Party is here to start a party anytime and anywhere!



Flat Beats
Discover and enjoy unlimited music for free! Choose from thousands of mixes artfully created by people who love great music.













Zombies are the intellectuals of the monster world – they’re always trying to open your mind. What you need is an interactive decision engine that will keep those zombies absorbed while you make your escape.










Wikipedia on your Windows Phone. Quick and easy access to articles, plus innovative mobile features like offline mode.



Fast and fluid eBook reader lets you read books on your phone from online libraries, your own collection, and the web.










NASA Be A Martian
Participate as citizen scientists to assist Mars science teams studying the Red Planet in the Be A Martian app from NASA!



The world’s #1 dictionary app, featuring Live Tiles and hot daily words!













What are those children doing in that cornfield? They would have stayed out of trouble if only they’d had the entertaining, educational apps on Windows Phone.










YouTube Junior
YouTube Junior lets your children watch their favorite shows free!



Draw Free!
Draw! is the popular finger drawing tool for kids and adults, now free!










Photo Hunt: Pets
Photo Hunt Pets has photos of cute kittens, puppies and other furry friends for you to spot the difference.



Kids Memory Match
Kids Memory Match is a fun memory flash card app for children.













Did you hear about the cute monster? She was pretty ugly! Transform yourself into a beautiful monster with ghoulish tutorials on Bing Video and styling apps on Windows Phone.










STAY GORGEOUS! Fashion is a simple feed reader designed and styled for fashion blogs.



Tie Mentor
A picture is worth a thousand words. Learn how to tie your necktie with this simple step-by-step pictures guide.










Feeling left out of the facial hair club? With Mustachio, you can add one of 7 beautiful mustaches to your face and fit right in!



Check your tie and smooth your ‘stache with the first app for Windows Phone using the front camera as a mirror.