Everyone loves dog show season!  Elegantly groomed, adorable pups strut their stuff in the show ring, while the judges try to decide which one is more perfectly canine than all the others... it’s like fashion week in Milan, but without all the scrawny models!

Have you ever wondered, though, what those dashing dogs and beautiful bi... um... female... dogs... do for the rest of the year?  How do they pass the time between quad-pedicures, collar shopping, and training their handlers to walk properly in the ring?

We like to imagine that they play videogames.










The Old English Sheepdog would probably love the idea of a self-herding flock:






Home Sheep Home 2
Shaun the sheep and his friends are lost! Get through an underground world, London, and outer space while guiding Shaun and his friends back home in this addictive, physics-based puzzler!







The Australian Shepherd likes practicing his traditional skills, but without all that tedious running around in fields and paddocks:






Farm Frenzy
Daily chores have never been more fun as you cultivate fields, feed livestock and gather the items they produce. Live the country life in this arcade game featuring an amusing cast of characters and farm animals!














The Irish Setter likes a good Celtic mystery:






Nancy Drew – The Haunting of Castle Malloy
The groom is missing! Did a banshee crash the Simmons-Mallory wedding, or is this a case of cold feet? Can you unravel a tangled web of scattered clues and scary superstitions, and save this Irish wedding?







The Spinone Italiano will be happy to know that yes, he actually can build Rome in a day:






Cradle of Rome
Build the heart of the Ancient Roman Empire and become its emperor! The Coliseum, Pantheon, ancient masterpieces and all of Caesar’s lands open their gates in front of you in this historical puzzler!







While the Labrador Retriever is just chasing birds.  Again:






Word Bird Supreme
An innovative word game packed with variation and fun. You can play fast, or thoughtful, or a combination of both. Word Bird provides the level of challenge you want, plus a new puzzle every day.














As everyone knows, the Bulldog plays poker.  And he wins, because he has the best poker face ever:






Texas Hold’Em
Play tournament-style Texas Hold'Em poker at its best. Build the best possible five-card hand out of your two cards and five community cards. Bet or fold at any time based on your cards and your nerves!







And the Dalmatian?  Oh, of course:






Spot the Difference
Look closely – and then look again! For each set of pictures, there are ten differences: in one, an item’s color might be different, in another, there may be a missing button. How many can you find?














There’s nothing a Fox Terrier likes more than keeping invaders out of the chicken coop... or off the planet:






Chicken Invaders 3
Intergalactic chickens have invaded Earth, seeking revenge for centuries of being stewed, stuffed, grilled and roasted. Don your Teflon-coated, egg-repellent helmet and fight for your right to parbroil in this bird-brained game!







While the Australian Terrier dreams of the “old country”:






Vacation Quest - Australia
Take a trip Down Under! Track down boomerangs, tour fabulous sites, and fill a vacation journal with your achievements. Relax in untimed Vacation mode, or compete against the clock. Either way, you’ll never want it to end!














The Akita’s coat may be all fluff, but his favorite game is not:






Use simple logic to fill in the puzzle's nine rows and nine columns with numerals 1-9. Each number can only be used once in a given row or column. Enter the correct numbers in every grid square to win!







The Husky dreams of distant tundra:






Klondike Solitaire
Take a break and play the classic solitaire game that we all grew up with! There’s nothing better than whiling away a few minutes or a few hours with a deck of 52 cards – and it’s even better when you don’t have to shuffle or clean up the mess!







And the St. Bernard plays to his traditional strengths:






Great Adventures – Lost in Mountains
Track down a missing, world-renowned scientist and protect his powerful formula from falling into evil hands. Keep your characters happy and healthy along the journey!














The Bloodhound might want to give his nose a rest, and let his droopy eyes solve a crime or two:






Mystery P.I. - Special Bundle
Crack two hidden-object cases of missing millions: track down stolen casino cash in Mystery P.I. - The Vegas Heist, then return Grandma’s multi-million-dollar winner in Mystery P.I. - The Lottery Ticket!







As for the Dachshund...






Hot Dog Hot Shot
Race to make the fastest food in this addictive time-management game! Compete in a junk-food game show on the streets of New York. Satisfy hundreds of crazy customers, win upgrades, and fight for The Golden Hotddog!














The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel may be little, but he takes his regal name quite seriously:






Royal Envoy 2
Construct and upgrade houses to save the faraway land of Middleshire! As the King's trusted city planner, you must team up with Cedric once more to build a veritable paradise. Win prizes for your speed and quick wit!







The Chihuahua, on the other hand, just wants to have fun... and maybe a fast-food ad contract:






Papa’s Taco Mia
You’ll need a steady hand to build the best tacos for demanding customers! Begin with a few basic toppings, then prepare for the complexity to increase.  This fresh new game will make you hungry for a high score!










To the dogs of the world: we don’t care whether you’re blue-blooded royalty or a magnificent mutt, we think you’re all amazing. Thank you for watching our children, guarding our livestock, protecting our homes, and making us laugh for the past few thousand years!

(Also, does anyone out there know to which group the Bichon Frise belongs?  Because we’re pretty sure it’s not a dog.  We’ve seen pictures, and our best guess is “Chuzzle with legs”.  Sooooo... two thumbs up for Chuzzle evolution!)