Back To School Games





Time to get your notebooks and pencils is back in session! We've put together an entire school day's worth of subjects with great games around every turn, because here at MSN Games, it's ALWAYS recess!









Books to Film Trivia
Pop (culture) quiz, everyone! Close your books, pick up your mouse, and impress everyone with your knowledge of films based on the books you just closed.  How many of these Hollywood hits have you seen?



1st Period - Biology




Fishdom 2
Let your imagination swim wild in an all-new, all-out aquarium-building adventure. With talking fish!



Jane’s Zoo
Care for endangered and orphaned animals in zoos around the world. It’s eco-cuteness!




Curious about wildlife?  Read the latest discoveries in Technology and Science.





2nd Period - English



TextTwist game

Text Twist
Form as many words as you can from the letters on your rack before time runs out. The clock is ticking!



You have a clue and two words – they’re spelled out in order on the tray below, but the words are all split apart!




Do you enjoy words? Then, you’ll love these lists of bestselling books!





3rd Period - Physics




Quick Fire Pool: 8 Ball
Grab your pool cue and apply your physics skill to see how many shots you can make before time runs out!



Wake the Royalty
Solve these puzzles with gravity and force to give the nodding nobles a royal wake-up call!




Physics propelled rockets into space!  Track this famous Mars spacecraft with Bing.









Papa’s Taco Mia
It’s Taco Tuesday every day! You’ll need a steady hand to build the best tacos for demanding customers!



Feeding Frenzy
Move your fish around the ocean, snacking on smaller fish. But stay away from the big ones, or you’re lunch!




Not too fond of school food?  Bring a sammich!





4th Period - History




Cradle of Persia
Carve an empire from the desert of ancient Persia. Match coins, lumber, and more to expand your realm!



Mortimer Beckett
and the Time Paradox

Puzzle and portal your way through two dangerous eras in history.




Uncover the latest archaeological evidence of life in this ancient civilization!





5th Period - Math & Logic



Sudoku game

Use simple logic to fill in the puzzle with numerals 1-9. Enter the correct number in every grid square to win!



Mate in One Move
Each board can be solved in a single move... but can you puzzle out which one to make?




Why learn math? Because it helps you save and invest your money!