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  Age of Empires I & II




Age of Empires matchmaking has been retired from MSN Games





(But don’t worry – there’s still plenty of timber, stone, berries, and fun available for everyone...)




For all your empire-forging, resource-gathering, foe-conquering needs (plus all the latest news about this legendary series), please visit the official Age of Empires website at ageofempires.com.

You can also find the most recent Age of Empires editions in the Games for Windows Marketplace, or on Steam! Are you ready to make your mark on history?

Age of Empires III is available on gamesforwindows.com and Steam
Age of Empires Online is available on MSN Games, gamesforwindows.com, and Steam
Age of Empires II HD is available on Steam

A big “thank you!” to everyone who has played and enjoyed Age of Empires here on MSN Games!