Mahjong games are enormously popular... and for good reason! The addictive gameplay rewards strategic thinking, and a good memory goes a long way towards keeping track of completed pairs. Plus, a bit of luck can swing the game in your favor. Add in colorful tiles – classic or modern – and a rich history, and you have an enduring winner!

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Want to know more about the history of mahjong?












This venerable variant is played solo.  Although the traditional tile set of numbers, seasons, flowers, and dragons is familiar to mahjong enthusiasts around the world, many of these games feature alternate tiles, to keep things fun and interesting!








Well Mahjong
Welcome to the beloved classic version of Mahjong solitaire – no powerups, no special-effect tiles, no arbitrary rules, just a cornucopia of challenging layouts, and hours of saying, "okay, just one more round... okay, really, just one last round... fine, one more, but then I really have to stop..."








Mahjong Toy Chest
Playing with toys is fun—but you need to put them away before time runs out! It’s more Mah Jongg madness as you match a whole new set of tiles! Trains, dolls, cars, stars, and airplanes are just a few of the fun tiles that you’ll be looking for!








Mah Jong Tiles
In this puzzle game based on the popular (but more complicated) Mah Jong, you match tiles in pairs to eliminate them from the board. Clear the board of all tiles to win the game.








Mahjong Alchemy
Work your magic in the alchemist’s lab! Find the matching symbols for gold, crystal, water and other elements.  See if you can match all the mystical images, as the clock slowly ticks down.








Mahjongg Garden
Imagine yourself relaxing in a peaceful garden as you solve Mahjongg puzzles. Attain a state of perfect harmony as you match tiles decorated with geometric patterns, flowers, and seasons. Find as many matches as you can before time runs out!






Need a little help mastering the basics of the game? Watch and learn!












For those who wish to venture a bit further into the mysteries of Mahjong, these fresh new favorites feature not just alternate tile sets, but different arrangements, extra goals, time limits, and more!








Mahjong Dimensions
Take the classic tile matching game and turn it into a spinning block of 3D puzzling! Race against the clock by matching symbols on all sides of the cube to drill down to the center – the faster you go, the more points you get!








Mahjong Dark Dimensions
The new puzzle classic returns with yet another twist! Mahjongg Dark Dimensions offers even bigger challenges than the original 3D Mahjongg game, with new puzzles and features. Just when you think you're stuck, you can rotate the cube to reveal more matches to clear!








Mahjong Dimensions Blast
The new puzzle classic is back with a fresh new twist! Match tiles as quickly as you possibly can—there’s a limited time available to you for the entire game! The faster you match, the higher your score! Spin the tiles around to look for matches on every side.






Good thing we have computers – can you imagine trying to play these variants with a box of old-fashioned tiles?