It’s raining, it’s pouring… These wet, rainy days may be perfect for frogs, but we love them too! What better chance to relax inside and play some of your favorite games? You’ll be snug as a bug and happy as a clam with this waterproof entertainment!










When it’s been raining for days, and you’ve been stuck inside, you can start to feel a little stir-crazy. Sort of like a goldfish in a bowl. Almost as though you were trapped in an…









Keep your fish healthy and they'll reward you. Neglect them and they'll go belly up. Feed and protect your fish from unexpected intruders!







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Here’s classic pastime for a day spent indoors – and we’ve turned over an intriguing new variation.









Crescent Solitaire
Two decks of cards are scattered in a crescent, while four Kings and four Aces are placed in the center. Place the rest of their suit to return order to the decks!







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The rain is raining all around, It falls on field and tree, It rains on the umbrellas here, And on the ships at sea.” And look – there’s a ship in the left picture, but it’s missing in the right!









Spot the Difference
Two images side by side. At first glance, they’re identical, but there are 10 differences hidden in each pair. Can you spot them all?







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By Thursday, you’ve decided that the decorations on the mantle need to be rearranged. But wait, what’s this? It’s almost as though they have a mind of their own!









Happy little matryoshka dolls are waiting to meet their perfect match. Line ‘em up and stack ‘em high in this evolution of the match-3 game!







Now that you’re on a redecorating roll, you can redo your home using what you already have!










Friday is always a wonderful day, rain or shine.









Heart-shaped drops of water quiver on colorful blocks – don’t you want to burst their bubble? Splash into this strategy game!







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Every storm has a silver lining, and if it weren’t for the rain we wouldn’t have rainbows!









Rainbow Web
The wicked Wizard Spider has cast a dark spell over the land! It’s up to you to return peace, sunlight and rainbows to the kingdom.







Is this what runs through your mind when you see a rainbow?










Lazy Sunday… a chance to put your feet up, a hot drink in one hand, the crossword in the other. Here’s the clue – one across, a state of extreme happiness or pleasure (5).









Infinite Crosswords
All the crossword puzzles you could ever want – that's why it’s called Infinite Crosswords!







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