Creepy, spooky, positively ooky – it’s a full week of weird and wonderful games! Whatever your favorite fright might be, from movie monsters to sinister scarecrows, there’s a good sort of scary in store!

(Well, unless you suffer from triskaidekaphobia. But then, silly old numbers aren’t important… or are they?)










If legend is to be believed, the full moon is a time for werewolves to howl, ghosts to haunt, and witches to hex. What better way to start the week than with a little light lunacy, no matter who (or what) you are during the day?









Shadow Wolf Mysteries
Solve a string of mysterious murders! Leave the big city for a small town, and take charge of a deadly investigation. With rumors of a werewolf swirling, and a bad moon on the rise, it’s up to you to set the record straight!














It’s a well-known fact that witches – at least, the wicked and rather irritable sort of witches – like turning people into toads. Annoy a wicked witch when she hasn’t had her coffee, and poof! Instant amphibian. But that makes us wonder… what if a toad annoys a witch? Would she turn it into a human who likes to play videogames?

Maybe she already has...









Creeping like the great snake Quetzalquatl, colored balls spin steadily toward the abyss. You must stop them! Shoot balls from the frog’s mouth into groups of the same color to make them disappear.










Zuma’s Revenge
In this wild and ribbet-ing sequel, evil tiki bosses rule the land! Fire stone spheres to make matches; destroy the deadly stream of balls to guide your agile amphibian to victory! Will you succumb to the perilous pitfalls, or can you tame the jungle and claim your froggy fortune?














Every country, every state, probably even every city or village has at least one place the locals consider weird. Ghost towns, mystery spots, standing stones, that abandoned house where the clock still ticks even though the last person to wind it was eaten by rabid badgers back in 1957... some places are just plain creepy.









Mahjongg Dark Dimensions
A dark and dastardly version of the classic tile-matching game. In this strange alternate space, glyphs cling together for defense; you must rotate the board and find all available matches before the timer runs out, along with your luck!










Spooky Bonus
Uncover dark forces emanating from the heart of Old Town, while you grab spooky accessories for your front yard makeover! You’ll be spellbound by this adorably ghoulish horror-themed puzzle game.







Everybody needs a little bit of weird in their otherwise normal lives. It keeps things interesting!










Why are zombies so scary? Seriously, ask yourself: how can something so slow, stupid, and easy to kill possibly be terrifying? Oh, right, that was it… because there are dozens or hundreds or even thousands of them, and they don’t need to sleep, and they’ll never stop coming until they get you… aaaaaiiieeee!!









Plants vs. Zombies
Zombies are invading! Now it’s up to you to defend the suburban peace. Protect yourself from this undead onslaught by strategically placing sun-loving, projectile-launching, zombie-clobbering plants in your yard. Then sit back and watch the brain bingers get their just desserts!










Night of the Scarecrows
Your farming village is under attack by an army of angry scarecrows come to life! Defend the village using torches, pitchforks, and animal allies... and don't let the scarecrows reach the village gates.














Crystal balls, reflecting pools, knucklebones and magic mirrors: spooky sorcerers and wily witches have many ways to see the unseen. So do their cats, if rumor can be believed. What sort of eldritch tool will you use to find the truth in these perplexing puzzlers?







Play Halloween Jigsaw!


Halloween Jigsaw
Spooky scenes, all jumbled up: do you have the sixth sense necessary to reassemble each picture, or will they end up looking like Frankenstein’s monster after a three-day windstorm? Not even a deck of gypsy cards can predict the answer to that…








Halloween Spot the Difference


Halloween Spot the Difference
Oooooh, double vision. Where did these image twins come from? Were they grown from a pod in the basement? Don’t get spooked when doppelganger images have you doubting your eyes – and your sanity!







For the record, dogs can’t see invisible things, although they’d like you to believe they can.










Snakes! Why did there have to be snakes in this game?









Monkey Gems
Benben the monkey is menaced by snakes! They wind along their path until their mouth gets close to Benben, then it’s game over! The only way to keep the snakes at bay is by shrinking them down to nothing. For every match you make, the snake gets smaller until it disappears!







On an unrelated note, snakes might be the least frightening thing someone has tried to take on a plane.










“For sale: elegant marble house on a wide green lawn, with really quiet neighbors” might sound like a sweet deal, until you realize they’re describing a mausoleum. For a vampire or skeleton, though, one good solid crypt is better than a drafty old mansion any night of the year!









Fishdom: Spooky Splash
Are you brave enough to venture into the vast and creepy deeps, and see what strange skeletal species swims though Davy Jones’ Locker? Complete mesmerizing levels of underwater tile-swapping, earn cash, and buy frightful fish for your scary-quarium.










Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon
Ellen Cross finds herself on the trail of a mysterious portrait of the terrible prince of Wallachia, Vlad Tepes. She pursues her mission while facing the Shadow of the Dragon, a secret order that for centuries has countered Dracula’s domination.







You won’t find the walking dead in this sort of boneyard, but you might glimpse a few Phantoms.