On an Internet full of action games, celebrity gossip, music videos and cat pictures, a really good word puzzle can sometimes be hard to find.  Luckily, our valiant vocabularists have ventured into the wilderness of the world-wide web and returned with a whole flock of great games!










Shake it up now, twist and spell!  One set of letters can make a lot of different words, so shake the bag of tiles and see how many you build!

(Twisted words can score you serious political points... but only if you use them well.)









How many words can you build out of one set of letters?













Wild Word Garden
Grow beautiful flowers with the power of words!













TextTwist 2
Unscramble an all-new set of words in this sequel to the original hit game!














You’re never bored with a good board game!  So put on your thinking cap (the stylish one, with the velvet trim) and try to make the longest words you possibly can in these board-inspired puzzlers.









Word Mojo
Assemble letter tiles to build words, and fill up the Mojo tiles for a bonus.












Link letters to form words, but don't let the burning tiles reach the bottom!













Paradise Island
String together word fragments to find a textual treasure trove!














You can flip a house, flip your hair, flip for the latest fad, flip-flop around a decision, or just have fun flipping words.  We know which one we prefer!

(Hint: it’s definitely not one of these.)









Flip Words 2
The game of word-finding and puzzle-solving is back!













Family Feud
Play the fast-paced question game based on the hit game show!














A cup of coffee, a donut, and word games in the morning paper... who could ask for more?  Actually, you can ask for more, because we have fresh challenges daily in all your puzzle-page favorites!

(Need a little help with that crossword puzzle?)









Infinite Crosswords
A daily challenge of your crossword puzzle skills.













Find cleverly hidden words in puzzles devised by David Ouellet!











Daily Jumble


Daily Jumble
Solve the daily puzzle in this newspaper classic!













Word Roundup
Lasso up some letters in this classic word search game!