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All hands on decks! Try these 11 card games to see if you can get flush with points!





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Tricks! You either want them or have to get rid of them as quickly as you can. Explore this mechanic from both angles with these three games.

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Description: spades


Play this classic trick-taking card game against the computer or other players in multiplayer mode.











Description: hearts


Hearts is a simple game to learn, but provides ample opportunities for strategy and daring as you try to earn the fewest points possible.











Description: bridge


Bridge is a classic partnership card game of skill and chance. We worked with one of the world’s leading Bridge sites, Bridge Base Online, to bring you the best possible online Bridge-playing experience.









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There’s more than one way to solitaire, and we have the three best! Start with the classic then go up the pyramid and enjoy the Klondike!

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Description: solitaire


Your ultimate goal is to create four complete foundation piles—but first you need to gain access to all of the facedown cards!











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Pyramid Solitaire
Since when is 13 considered a lucky number? There’s no curse on these pyramids – just a lot of classic solitaire fun!











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Klondike Solitaire
Take a break and deal out some classic Klondike There’s nothing better than whiling away a few minutes or a few hours with a deck of 52 cards – and it’s even better when you don’t have to shuffle or clean up the mess!









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Why play with one deck when you can bust out a bunch? Try these multi-deck solitaire games for a new twist.

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Description: spidersolitaire


Spider Solitaire
It’s solitaire with a spidery twist! The object is to remove all the cards by forming a sequence from King down to Ace in the same suit. It sounds pretty easy, but you can quickly get caught in a web of cards!











Description: addictionsolitaire


Addiction Solitaire
All the cards are laid out—then the Aces are removed. You must rearrange all the cards so they line up nice and orderly, but only by moving one card at a time using the blank spaces to your strategic advantage!











Description: shapesolitaire


Shape Solitaire
It’s like a jigsaw puzzle made of cards! Link the cards together by matching them with cards of higher or lower rank, and fill in the shapes on the screen.









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Classic games are classic for a reason, namely, they’ve stood the test of time and are still quite fun! Two of our favorites come from Texas and some strange place called Uno. Check ‘em out!

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Texas Hold'Em
Play this immensely popular poker variant against the computer or other players in multiplayer mode.











Description: UNO


UNO is one of the most popular card games in the world! Be the first to play every card from your hand by matching cards with the same color or symbol as the top card in the discard pile.