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Been to a zoo recently? You should, they’re tons of fun and you can learn a lot! Either way, have some at-home zoo fun with some of the best zoo games out there!





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Monkeys have the best games! Here are two of them that’ll have you screeching for more monkey!

Find a local zoo via







Description: monkeygems


Monkey Gems
Benben the monkey is menaced by snakes! The only way to keep the snakes at bay is by shrinking them down to nothing, by making matches.











Description: monkeykickoff


Monkey Kick Off
Coconuts aren’t for cracking … they’re for kicking! Meet soccer-crazy Monkey, and in lieu of a soccer ball, coconuts will have to do. Monkey’s challenge: super kicking the coconut to Monkey Village. Don’t monkey around, get kicking!









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Zoos aren’t the only place you’ll find animals—don’t forget about your favorite local animal farms!

Learn more about animal farms of all kinds on







Description: ranchrush


Ranch Rush
The pace is anything but slow on this farm! The market demands your goods and you have to satisfy it quickly! Plant, pick, and carry your produce to the barn for delivery to customers. It sounds easy but you'll have to be as quick as a greased pig to get your products grown and cashed in!











Description: chickeninvaders3


Chicken Invaders 3
Those pesky intergalactic chickens are back to wreak havoc for a third time. And it’s up to you to make sure it’s not a case of third time lucky for the relentless feathered attackers. Blast them out of the sky while avoiding their explosive eggs. Keep the earth safe from the fowl hordes, or the yolk will be on you!









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There’s nothing spooky about these creepy-crawly games!

What kinds of insects are you likely to find in your own backyard? has the answer!







Description: bookworm


You can’t worm out of this game! Link letters to create words in this challenging puzzle game. It’s easy to make short words, but look out! Make too many short words and you’ll earn a burning tile. Let the burning tile reach the bottom and your game will be over!











Description: spidersolitaire


Spider Solitaire
It’s solitaire with a spidery twist! The object is to remove all the cards by forming a sequence from King down to Ace in the same suit. It sounds pretty easy, but you can quickly get caught in a web of cards! Only the skilled players can clear the board!









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There are oodles of fish in the sea, two of the best fish games are right here!

Want to go to a big aquarium? can help you find the one closest to you!







Description: fishdom2


Fishdom 2
The catch of the day is fun! Let your imagination swim wild in an all-out aquarium-building adventure! Swap undersea tiles to earn money. Dive in for some shopping to trick out that tank, and then create an undersea wonderland the colorful creatures you take on find a catch!











Description: fishdomspookysplash


Fishdom Spooky Splash
Are you brave enough to journey into the deep? If you make enough money making matches you’ll be able to build one deluxe (and spooky) aquarium! Make a match, if you dare!









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Zoo tenders live adventurous lives because they never know what’ll happen next with the most exotic animals on the Earth! Try your hand at zookeeping now!

Want to try it for real? Find a zookeeper school near you on!







Description: 3daysofmystery


3 Days of Zoo Mystery (PC Download)
Animals have been stolen from Anna’s family’s zoo! Solve riddles, search for evidence, and question suspects to track down the thief! Unravel this fascinating mystery and help reunite the beloved zoo animals!











Description: janeszoo


Jane’s Zoo (PC Download)
Travel the world with Jane to save endangered species! Solve puzzles, organize animal asylums, and adjust to various regional climates and terrains. Journey across the wilds of Europe, Asia, and Africa in this time management adventure!