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  Gem Shop Game Overview





Your Gem Shop is open for business!
In this fun-filled puzzle game you have two big challenges. You must match gems to make beautiful jewelry and you have to keep those demanding customers happy! Gem Shop is a great way to keep your puzzle and business skills sharp!






Click on and slide a row of gems to make a match of three or more.






Your goal is make enough successful matches to fill your jewelry meter to the top.






Keep your customers happy to earn a greater profit on your jewelry. Work quickly on your jewelry making and supply your customers with candy and coffee to keep them satisfied.











Tips and Strategies




·          Match the tokens on your board to add more to your total.




·          Use your tokens in between levels to upgrade your jewelry and buy extra chocolate and coffee. This will bring in more money.




·          Monitor the happiness of your customer. If their happiness decreases, appease them with candy and coffee to boost your sales.




·          Try to match the flawed gems quickly so moving your rows of gems is easier.




·          Use the hint button if you think you're stuck.