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  RC Offroad Frenzy Tips and Strategies




Watch Where You're Going: Obstacles






On almost all the Offroad Frenzy courses, you'll find some sort of obstacle designed to slow you down. However, if you're a savvy driver and read the following tips, you could avoid those unpleasant spills. Better yet, you could find yourself winning the race.









Large or small bumps can usually be found all around the course. This obstacle is designed to slow you down. If you're going way too fast over a bump, you could lose control of your vehicle. So be careful.









Definitely avoid potholes, as you could lose both speed and control of your vehicle. However, you can use a pothole to your advantage by forcing your opponent's car into it.









Caution! Icy patches make for a very slippery course. If you can't avoid the ice, then decrease your speed so that you don't lose control.









On some courses, you'll find waterholes of various size and depth, which can slow you down. The higher offroad vehicles such as the Crocodile Hunter and the Jeep 4x4 seem to do better than the lower ones like the PT Cruiser.









Attack a mound with speed, and once you're over it, give yourself a little “boost” (hit the Period key) to keep you going.