Special achievement badge available: She Loves Me





Pick some Flowerz and Feel the Love!
If you have a green thumb and quick fingers you may snag our new Flowerz special-achievement badge � She Loves Me!  Think your skills are good enough to pick up this reward? Here's how you score it:




Between November 25 and midnight on December 30, 2008, every point you earn in Flowerz will be counted towards an enduring virtual reminder of your abilities: the She Loves Me badge!

Here's the deal: between November 25 and December 30, you must

Win the She Loves Me badge!




          Score 20,000 total points

Complete this goal and this exclusive badge is yours!

Please note that all points must be accumulated during the badge challenge period � points you may already have scored before November 25 will not count towards this badge!



Think you're up to the challenge? Then it�s time to play!

Are you new to Flowerz? If so, here�s a tip to get you started. Use the flower queue to plan out your next few moves. Use it to decide what flowers you want to plant and where. A little forethought can lead to a big payoff down the road.




Need a little more help to master the game? Check out our page of handy Tips for Flowerz, and plant your way to victory today.





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