Flowerz game

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  Flowerz Tips and Strategies





The Basics




·          Use the flower queue to plan your garden.  Keep an eye on what’s coming up, and decide in advance where you want to put it.  Planning your matches in advance is the key to big bonus points!




·          Two-colored flowers need special planning.  Don’t match the outside color until you’re sure you can match the remaining color soon afterwards.  Flowers without a handy match can really clutter up your garden.




·          Special pieces are often the secret to victory!  Butterflies are the perfect solution to a flower that can’t be matched, or a quick way to set up a big-bonus combo.  Trowels can be absolutely priceless when a flower is blocking an important match; if you’re lucky, they might even set up a cascade.




Bonus Scoring




·          The more flowers you match in a single row or column, the more you score.




·          Want even more points?  Cause a cascade.  If removing a matched set of flowers causes additional matches, your bonus is multiplied.  This can really add up.




·          Finally, if there are any empty spaces on the board when you finish a level, you’ll get a bonus for each one, multiplied by the level number. You will earn more points if you’re playing in Expert mode... but be warned: Expert mode is really tough!






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