Flip Words 2 game





  Flip Words 2 Tips and Strategies




·          Begin by looking for words that begin with vowels. There have to be a few of them in every phrase, and vowels can give you some early hints.




·          Be careful you don't make a tough letter to get even tougher. If you need a Z, don't make TIP when you could make ZIP. You don't know if other letters that work with Z will pop up.




·          Sometimes it's worth using extra tries to get the phrase bonus. You get extra points for having tries left, but you get an extra 10,000 points for filling in the phrase. Don't forget, though: you have to complete the phrase, one way or another, to keep the game going.




·          Keep an eye on the list of used letters in the upper left-hand corner. Try not to use a first letter twice, unless it's a really big word.




·          The list of used letters can also help you with solving the puzzle. If you tried "D" and there's still a _IG in the phrase, you know it isn't DIG.




·          Use the "free" and "double" letters, but try not to the "free" letter as a first letter. It's free, so use it in the middle to get two letters for one guess. Use the "double" or "triple" letters when you've got a pretty good score to begin with, or when you're running out of guesses and you need to fill the meter.




·          Depending on the mode you are playing, you can buy vowels. But, in case you wish to save your tokens, try creating one of these words to reveal vowels in the puzzles. (Avoid using rare letters like Z, J, or K.) ADD, AID, AIL, ALL, AMP, AND, ANT, APE, APT, ARC, ARC, ARE, ART, AWE, AYE, EAR, EAT, EBB, EEL, EGG, ELM, EMU, END, EON, ERA, ERE, EWE, ICE, IMP, INN, INS, ION, IRE, IRK, ITS, OAR, OAT, ODD, ODE, OFF, ONTO, OPT, ORB, ORE, OWE, OWN, UMP, UNDO, UNTO, UPSET, URN, YAM, YEA, YEN, YES, YET




·          After uncovering vowels, try creating words using these common letters as the first letters: R, S, T, N, L.




·          This game is not timed, so slow down and carefully select which words to submit.