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Soar among exotic locations
With Microsoft Flight, the sky’s the limit—immerse yourself in a variety of exciting missions in an ever expanding world. Feel the power at your fingertips as you take to the skies and launch into thrilling missions and exciting challenges over the free-to-play Big Island of Hawaii.

Also included is a free new aerocache available every day!






1. Begin with the tutorial and follow the very easy step-by-step instructions for basic flight controls, including how to take off and how to land.

In the settings, be sure to check or uncheck Invert Mouse Pitch or Invert Joystick Pitch according to your preferences.


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2. Once you are comfortable with basic flight controls, you’re free to conduct missions as part of the tutorial, such as flying a passenger out to a yacht. Use the map to help locate places you need to go.


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3. Complete missions to earn experience points and get to the next level! And sign in to the game with your Xbox LIVE credentials to get new free missions every day!


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Download and Play Instructions.
1. Click the Play Now link, above, or click here.
2. Download and install Flight.
3. Launch Flight to begin your missions in the air!
4. For configuration and connection help, go to the PC Game forums here.


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Having trouble?


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Official Flight site




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