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Genre: Puzzle

Match-3 for Fitz of fun!

Fitz! puts a bake-your-noodle spin on match-3 play. Match three or more same-shaped tiles to clear the board. But, how well do you do on the diagonal… or when all the tiles turn white and you must glean only shapes? Get ready to have Fitz of fun!

Type your first name or nickname, click Accept, click Play, and then click Close to open Level 1. Swap tiles to match three or more same-shaped tiles. Don't worry about not matching the colors!

Match-3 to burst color cells and neutralize every tile on the board. The cells move from the color red to green, yellow, blue, and finally white!

Move up the levels and the bake-your-noodle fun unfolds as you match-3 to burst color cells on the diagonal!