Description: Fishdom Spooky Splash Game



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  Fishdom: Spooky Splash Tips & Tricks




·          Three status meters—Fish, Beauty, and Health—measure the progress of your tank. Be sure to distribute your earnings as evenly as possible across all three. Remember, your goal is to completely fill these meters.




·          Want to earn some bonus money? Avoid using hints and find objects as quickly as you can!




·          Manage the drain down of your earnings so that you spend as much of your bank as possible. Try to end the last level with your meters full and your bank nearly drained!




·          So you don’t sink your chances, especially in a timed level, don’t forget that too much double and random clicking causes your cursor to freeze for a few seconds!




·          Changed your mind on an item purchased for your aquarium? Don’t sweat it! Return it to the recycle bin. You’ll net a refund and a chance to purchase what you really want.