Title: Fishdom Harvest Splash on MSN Games - Description: MSN Games





  Fishdom: Harvest Splash Tips & Tricks




·          Three status meters – Fish, Beauty, and Health – measure the progress of your tank. Be sure to distribute your earnings as evenly as possible across all three. Remember, your goal is to completely fill these meters.




·          Want to earn some bonus coins? Avoid using hints, match more than three symbols at a time, and find matches as quickly as you can!




·          Manage your earnings so that you spend as many of your coins as possible. Try to end the last level with your meters full and your bank nearly drained!




·          So you don’t sink your chances, especially in a timed level, remember that too much double- and random clicking causes your cursor to freeze for a few seconds.




·          Changed your mind on an item you purchased for your aquarium? No worries; just drag it to the recycle bin. You’ll net a refund and a chance to purchase what you really want.