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The catch of the day is fun!
Let your imagination swim wild in an all-new, all-out aquarium-building adventure! Swap undersea tiles to earn money. Dive in for some shopping to trick out that tank, and then create an undersea wonderland the colorful creatures you take on find a catch!




Swap sea-themed tiles of three or more to make matches. You must clear all gold, locked, double-locked, and iron-plated tiles on a board in order to complete the level.


Play Fishdom 2 free online!



Create cascades or make matches of four, five, or six tiles to unlock explosives that help you clear the board faster!


Play Fishdom 2 free online!



As you trick out your tank, you fill the meters that measure your aquarium’s number of fish, beauty, and comfort. Get them to 100% to win a trophy!


Play Fishdom 2 free online!




  Tips and Strategies




·          The level is done when you’ve cleared all golden tiles. Whenever possible, try to clear corners and awkward spaces first.




·          Try, too, to clear bottom tiles first; the cascade of new tiles often clears upper tiles as well, saving you time and effort.




·          Match five of a kind to unlock the Depth Bomb, with a damage radius of two tiles.




·          Create a cascade match of six or more falling pieces to unlock the Firecracker, with a damage radius of one tile.




·          Match six of a kind for the Dynamite Charge, with a damage radius of three tiles.




·          Match seven of a kind or more to unleash the Warhead, with a damage radius of four tiles in all directions.




·          To unlock locked tiles, bring matching pieces to them. This is doubly true for double-locked tiles.




·          Be on the lookout for gems in your tank. You might see a few peaking from behind a plant or a beauty object. Drag objects out of the way to reveal and recover gems for bonus money.




·          Fill up the Fish, Beauty, and Comfort meters to earn a cup.




·          Relaxed mode means your play is not timed. Against the Clock mode means just that. Click Options to change the game mode any time you wish.




·          Click the eye icon to pause the game and take in your underwater world.