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  Fishdom 2 Tips and Strategies




·          The level is done when you’ve cleared all golden tiles. Whenever possible, try to clear corners and awkward spaces first.




·          Try, too, to clear bottom tiles first; the cascade of new tiles often clears upper tiles as well, saving you time and effort.




·          Match five of a kind to unlock the Depth Bomb, with a damage radius of two tiles.




·          Create a cascade match of six or more falling pieces to unlock the Firecracker, with a damage radius of one tile.




·          Match six of a kind for the Dynamite Charge, with a damage radius of three tiles.




·          Match seven of a kind or more to unleash the Warhead, with a damage radius of four tiles in all directions.




·          To unlock locked tiles, bring matching pieces to them. This is doubly true for double-locked tiles.




·          Be on the lookout for gems in your tank. You might see a few peaking from behind a plant or a beauty object. Drag objects out of the way to reveal and recover gems for bonus money.




·          Fill up the Fish, Beauty, and Comfort meters to earn a cup.




·          Relaxed mode means your play is not timed. Against the Clock mode means just that. Click Options to change the game mode any time you wish.




·          Click the eye icon to pause the game and take in your underwater world.