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Fishdom Tips and Strategies




·          Try to clear tough obstacles or awkward locations first.




·          When possible, clear the bottom of a level before moving on to the top; while you are working on clearing the bottom squares, the cascade of new icons will often clear many of the squares above them as well, thus saving you time and effort.




·          Although it's vital to concentrate on the bottom tiles, don't forget that any moves you make down below affect the squares above them as everything shifts downward after a line is completed. So if you can see that you need to make two moves before you can clear a specific square, remember to make the top one first!




·          If you’re having trouble getting the proper icons to drop into a vertical match, don’t forget that a matching set can be horizontal as well. Try working on the set from one side or the other.




·          Don’t let the timer psych you out. When you first start a level, take a few seconds to look it over before making your first move. Decide which areas look most difficult, so you know where to work first. A well-considered strategy beats random matches every time!




·          Remember, the flashiest move isn't always the best one. It can get tempting to go for the one swap that causes half the board to cascade down in a flood of falling icons, but remember that your goal isn't simply matching a certain number of icons. You'll only win the level by clearing every square, and that means carefully planning your moves so that the icons fall just where you need them.




·          If you don't see a favorable match, just make any line you can. This will move the existing items around, introduce new ones from the top, and offer you new possibilities.