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  Feeding Frenzy Game Overview







It's survival of the biggest!
Move your fish around the sea and eat smaller fish to gain points. Watch out for the bigger fish! You will be eaten if you let them catch you! Eat enough smaller fish to grow in size. Soon YOU will be the biggest fish in the sea!






Drag your mouse to maneuver your fish. Run over smaller fish to eat them. Click your left mouse button for short bursts of speed.






As you eat fish, the "Frenzy!" meter fills up. When the meter is full you earn double the points for everything you eat.  The meter drains if you don't eat, so eat fast!






Eat enough smaller fish and you will grow in size. You will then be able to eat bigger fish. Grow to be the biggest fish in the sea to move on to the next level.


Feeding Frenzy





  Feeding Frenzy Tips and Strategies




·          Click your left mouse button for bursts of speed. You can also use your keyboard's SPACEBAR or CTRL keys.




·          In later levels, use your right mouse button to suck in whole groups of fish.




·          If you eat enough fish in a level, a mermaid will appear at the end and drop bonus star fish for you to catch.




·          When your fish grows you get to eat bigger fish. Watch for the "thought bubble" to appear as soon as you grow; it indicates the next fish in the food chain you can eat.




·          As you go up in levels, the ocean gets more crowded, and so you will need to be nimble to avoid the larger fish.




·          You can squeeze past larger fish by maneuvering behind them. Don't linger or they'll turn and eat you!