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   Farmscapes Game Overview







Save the farm through matching and money making!
Help Joe earn money to restore his ranch! Sell fresh vegetables, juicy fruits, flowers, eggs, and honey to the townspeople. Breathe new life into a formerly prosperous farm complete with clucking chickens, mooing cows, and buzzing beehives!




1. Begin by matching three farm produce items like vegetables and eggs to clear the board of symbols.





2. Matching five or more produces earns you special pieces, like the firecracker, which blasts part of the board clear.





3. As you progress in the game, barriers on the board will appear that you’ll have to punch through in order to progress!











Tips and Strategies








·          Don't forget that you can just double-click some special items, like firecrackers, to use them.

·          To get the most use of your bombs, save them up until they're near several gold cells.

·          You will earn bombs for any combination of five ormore. Don't miss out when you have a chance to earn one!

·          You'll earn more money for each level if you complete it as quickly as possible.