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Welcome to Zip Code E-I-E-I-O!
If you’re hankering for the peaceful life, you’ve come to the wrong farm! You’ll start with two geese and a storehouse – and it’s up to you to grow the farm into a thriving business.  Before long, you’ll add Egg Processing Plants and Bakeries, which allow you to raise more cash to purchase more livestock. And just because things aren’t frenzied enough, you’ll need to keep your eyes open for the occasional wild bear!






You’ll start out with two geese. Click on the ground to plant grass for them to eat. You need to keep planting grass to ensure that the geese don’t starve. As they eat, they will also lay eggs for you to collect!






Click on an egg to send it to the storehouse! The more eggs you collect, the more money you’ll make to purchase more geese and other farm animals!






Click on the stacks of eggs in the storehouse to load up the car and take them to market – when the car returns, you’ll have more money to purchase more geese and water for the grass!







  Farm Frenzy Tips and Strategies




·          Goal items don’t need to be in your storehouse in order to count towards your goal – even if you sell the items, such as eggs and cupcakes, they will still count towards your goal.




·          If at all possible, always try to save enough room in your storehouse for bears. There’s nothing worse than having a bear break free of his cage and start throwing your animals around simply because you had no room for him in your storehouse!




·          Dogs and cats are great farmyard helpers! Dogs will help keep the bears away and cats will walk around collecting items for you.




·          Try to feed your animals near the bottom of the screen! Why? Because the bears will always come in from the top. This will give you the time you need to trap the bears before they can cause any damage.




·          Try to avoid overwatering the grass – this will just waste money!