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   Fairy Island Game Overview







Rescue the fairies!
Pirates have captured the fairies and it’s up to you to free them! They’re trapped inside gems that you can find inside tiles. Smash the tiles to free the fairies!




1. Make a match of three like-colored tiles to remove them from the board. You lose the game when the tiles reach the top of the board.





2. You can see the next row of tiles that will be put on the board. Click the row to put it on the board immediately instead of waiting for it to appear on its own.





3. Clear tiles of the same color in a row to fill the container on the lower left of the screen. When it’s filled, there will be an explosion that will clear away lots of tiles!












  Fairy Island Tips and Strategies








·          Clear tiles as quickly as you can, as you’ll get more points the faster you make matches.

·          Click the bottom-most row of tiles to make them appear immediately, instead of waiting for them to appear (and costing you more time!).

·          For a higher score, let four or five rows accumulate and then clear large groups of tiles at once for more points.

·          Focus on matching tiles—the fairies will be freed as you go through the game normally, don’t worry about them too much!