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What’s on the floor of the old henhouse?

A bunch of broken eggs! In this fast-paced smash-fest, you’ve got five minutes to clear as many levels as possible by hurling colored eggs and trying to reach the back wall of the chicken coop. It’s more than fun – it’s smashing!

Clear a path to the back wall. Use your mouse to aim and fire different colored eggs - match three eggs of the same color to smash through them.  Once the back wall is open, fire an egg and hit the wall to clear the board and advance to the next level.

Fire directly or bounce eggs off the walls of the coop for trick shots.  You can also get a preview of your next egg at the direct right of the launcher.

You have 3 bombs per game to help you clear a section quickly. Click a bomb to load it into your egg launcher, aim, and blast away!