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  Dynomite Tips and Strategies








·          Ricochet eggs off the walls for trick shots.




·          Clear several color groups in sequence to earn combo bonus points.




·          Look for eggs with bonus tags on random eggs. Hit the egg with the bonus item and you will get a helper bonus. A few bonuses have a time limit and the bonus icon will circle around the timekeeper while the bonus is active.




·          If you have an egg color that you can't use, place it under a group of another color. When you clear the other group, the useless egg will drop with it.




·          If you spot a vibrating egg, concentrate on breaking that egg to hatch a bonus baby. It will almost always give you a Raise bonus that will push back the oncoming wall and give you more time.




·          Aim for the highest eggs possible. Making groups of three or more up top will help to drop whole sections of eggs left unsupported by the cleared group.




·          Watch the nervous dinosaur loading the slingshot to see the next color egg.




·          If the egg wall touches the bottom of the screen, a horn will sound indicating the puzzle is about to collapse. You will only have a few seconds to remedy the situation before Mama stomps on you.




·          The more egg colors onscreen, the more shaking eggs will appear.




·          It takes eight combos to reach the mother of all combos, the Dynomite combo. If you get a Dynomite combo, a bomb will be loaded into the slingshot. Fire at the egg wall to destroy a whole bunch of eggs.




Endless Puzzle



·          Listen for the ticking clock, the siren, and then the timekeeper's announcement, “Whirley's comin',” and then try to hit Whirley before he adds a new egg color to the top of the puzzle.




·          If you hit Whirley before he reaches the top of the puzzle, you will earn points and keep the new colored egg from being added.




·          If you clear too much of the egg wall, it will descend at an increased rate until it settles just below the halfway point. To slow down the descent, stack up a single column of eggs until it reaches the halfway mark. This way you only have to deal with a single column below the halfway point instead of a full wall of eggs.




Stomped Puzzle




·          Learn how to aim the eggs so that they can pass through narrow gaps between eggs. Stretching the aiming arrow (by moving the mouse up) will help in aiming just right.




·          Stomped Puzzles can usually be cleared in four or five shots. Several complex puzzles, however, have key eggs that can be cleared and take most of the puzzle with them. Keep an eye out for these key eggs and keep Mama happy!