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Fight Fire With Fire!
It’s up to you to save the baby dragons from the evil spirit! Fly back and forth across the screen using your very own dragon to make matching sequences of colored spheres, or dragon eggs. Make combos and chains and catch falling coins for extra points. And watch out for those helpful Super Dragons along the way!




Move the dragon across the screen and make matches of three or more colored spheres. Click on a sphere to swap it with the one being carried in the dragon’s mouth.




Match up three or more spheres of the same color to make them disappear.




Race to clear the line of colored spheres  before it disappears into the mouth of the evil spirit. Collect falling coins along the way to score extra points.





  Dynasty Tips and Strategies




·          Look for power-ups among the colored spheres to slow down the speed of the line.




·          Collect coins for extra points.




·          Remove glowing balls to hatch ‘Super Dragons’ and gain special powers for a limited time.




·          Place the mouse pointer, rather than the dragon’s head, on the sphere you want to swap




·          Create multiple matches to score a Chain Bonus and to score extra points.




·          Speed up the movement of the line of spheres by right-clicking on it.




·          Each different colored ‘Super Dragon’ has a different special ability. Some may dispense coins while others will remove spheres matching their color.




·          Multicolored balls can be used on any color and are particularly useful in removing the unmovable black spheres.




·          Upon completion of a level there will be a burst of coins – try to catch as many as you can. You’ll get another chance to collect any you missed when they ‘bounce’ off the bottom of the screen.