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Genre: Puzzle

You’ll <3 this splashy, flashy puzzle game!

Heart-shaped drops of water sit on colorful square blocks, just waiting for you to splash them! But before you put on your rain boots and leap into the game, remember: only the biggest drops will burst, so you’ll need to plan ahead.

Pop the drops to clear the blocks, and surf to the next challenging level!

Click an extra-large heart drop to burst it, and turn the block underneath from purple to white. When a drop is popped, the water splashes onto nearby drops, and causes them to grow one size.

Burst three or more drops with one click to create a bonus drop, then burst the bonus for a big increase in nearby drops! Some blocks need to be cleared multiple times before they turn white.

Having trouble with those last few tricky blocks? Not enough splashes to go around? Click “put hearts” to place a few more extra-large drops on the board!