Play Double Exposure free online!


You are not seeing double!
Check out frames from fav films, like “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” from Universal. Look again … close up. Are they the same? Your role in this film-based game is to find five differences in the frames. Wrap five rounds to screen a special scene!




Click Play Now to get rolling! Take a long look at frame one — the clock’s off. Click Continue to load both frames and start the clock. Click areas on frame two that differ from frame one.


Play Double Exposure free online!



Find up to five differences per shot before you run out of time. Yellow circles spotlight correct finds. If you click an area where there’s not a difference, the frame shakes as if saying “No.”


Play Double Exposure free online!



Find all differences to shine like a star! Need help? Use a Reveal. You have three per game. Drag your pointer across the top of frame one. When a hand displays, left-click to use a Reveal.


Play Double Exposure free online!







  Double Exposure Tips and Strategies








·          This game works best when your screen resolution is set to 1280 x 800 or greater.






·          Take a long, close-up look when frame one is shown. Memorize it … like the lines to a movie! Doing so will make finding the differences in frame two easier and faster.






·          Hold out as long as you can before using a Reveal.






·          High-score tip: unused Reveals earn you bonus points!