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  Dominoes Tips and Strategies




·          If you have trouble viewing the pips on your bones, make sure to maximize your screen.




·          In All Fives, it's generally a better strategy to focus on scoring as opposed to being the player to domino. You can lose the round and still score more points than your opponent.




·          Get rid of doublets early. They can be tougher to get rid of at the end of a hand than a bone with two different ends.




·          The quickest way to figure out how to score a multiple of five on a move is to look at the Board Count in the upper right hand corner, subtract the end that you're considering appending and add the end you're considering placing.

Example – The two ends of the domino chain on the board show 2 and 1. The Board Count is 3 and you have the following bones: 2|1, 2|3, and 2|4. You're considering the 2|4.

3 (Board Count) – 2 (open end you want to append) + 4 ( open end that you will be adding).
3-2+4 = 5. 5 Points for you. This method becomes second nature quickly.




·          When placing a bone, consider the other bones in your hand. You want to play to your own hand to increase the odds that you can play another bone on your next turn.

Example – Both open ends of the chain show 2. You have a 2|5, 2|6, and 1|5 in hand. You can play either the 2|5 or the 2|6. Play the 2|5. There will be a 5 showing that you might be able to take advantage of by placing the 1|5 on your next turn if your opponent plays off another end. If you play the 2|6 and the 6 is what's left open on your turn, you'll be forced to draw because you do not have a 6.




·          In All Fives, pay attention to your first move. At the start of the game, you have to place the highest doublet but in subsequent rounds you have more flexibility. If you can place a bone whose pips add up to a multiple of Five, you get points immediately.




·          "Place your bone to domino!" If you have no idea what that means, brush up on your domino-speak by checking out the Dominoes Glossary.






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