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  Diner Dash Game Overview






Cater to those demanding diners!
Help Flo turn her dingy diner into a fancy five star restaurant. In this game you must act quick and cater to everything your hungry customers demand! The more efficiently you work, the more money you'll have to put into your restaurant! If you're a hard worker, you'll have a swanky eatery in no time!




Choose either Flo's Career or Endless Shift.




Wait on your customers and earn bonus points by chaining together the same actions.




Work quick or your customer's satisfaction level will decrease and you'll get a smaller tip!



  Diner Dash Tips and Strategies




·          Try to do all the same actions in a row. You will earn a point bonus.




·          Try to seat customers in seats that match their clothing color. This will increase their happiness and earn you more points.




·          Move quick! The faster you serve customers, the happier they will be. Happy customers leave big tips!




·          Serve the customers coffee to keep them happy while they wait.




·          If your restaurant is closed, save clearing off the empty tables until the very end. That way can earn a lot of bonus points by clearing them all at the same time.




·          If you think your customer is almost ready to order or finished eating, wait at their table to save time.