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Dice Dice Baby game


Get the drop on dice tumbling fun!
It’s a pip! As dice combinations fall down your screen, it’s up to you to move and rearrange them into combinations that will bring you big points. All you have to do is match two 2s, three 3s…all the way up to six 6s before you run out of room. If you can match more than required, you can earn some super power-up bonuses!






As the dice fall, it’s up to you to rearrange them according to matching pips; two 2s, three 3s, four 4s, five 5s, and six 6s. But watch out for aces, they don’t match anything and can only be cleared using power-up bonuses.


Dice Dice Baby game





The preview window in the lower left hand corner of your screen shows you the next combination that is getting ready to drop. Stay alert!


Dice Dice Baby game





If you’re able to make better matches, such as seven 6s or five 4s, you’ll earn dice in the bonus area. Rolling these bonus dice can earn you super power-up bonuses that can help you clear the board! 


Dice Dice Baby game




  Dice Dice Baby Tips and Strategies




·          Keep your eye on the preview window – this can help you set up your current piece to take advantage of the next one.




·          Don’t use the bonus dice too early! You’ll definitely need them when things start heating up in later rounds – and the more dice that you’ve collected in bonus area, the greater the bonus power-up will be.




·          Watch out for the ones! Aces will start to pepper you fairly quickly. You’ll have to devise the best strategy for dealing with them. Do you spread them out or keep them together? This is a tough choice and depends on your style of play.




·          When the dice are falling fast and furious, don’t forget that you can always hit the “P” button on your keyboard to pause the game so you can catch your breath.