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Desktop Tower Defense

Genre: Action & Arcade

Defend your desktop!

Your desktop is under attack and desperately needs your help! Combat wave after wave of invaders by strategically placing towers to stop them in their tracks. The more enemies you can defeat, the more gold you'll win. And the more gold you win, the more towers you can build! But the enemies are relentless so you'll need your wits about you to thwart their plans to take over your desktop!

Click on a tower to select it (information about it will appear underneath) and place the tower wherever you like in between the white markers. Once you've placed all your towers, click 'Start' to launch the first wave of invaders!

Waves of 'creeps' will move from one side of the map to the other. Use your towers to form mazes, or obstacles, to delay them. Your towers will shoot 'creeps' when they get into range. You lose a life for every one that makes it across.

Watch the progress indicator to see what kind of 'creeps' will be coming up next and prepare accordingly. If you have enough gold (awarded for killing 'creeps'), use it to upgrade your towers.