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Unwind the words!
All the fun of the classic newspaper puzzler without the mess of newsprint on your fingers! Put your brain to the test by unscrambling words and then using the key letters to solve the image’s riddle!






Use your keyboard to unscramble each of the words. Use the Hint button for letter clues.


Play Daily Jumble!





Use the circled letters to solve the image’s riddle.


Play Daily Jumble!





Watch the clock! The faster you solve the puzzles the more time bonuses you’ll earn.


Play Daily Jumble!




  Daily Jumble Tips and Strategies




·          Read the image riddle carefully. If you think hard enough you may be able to solve it without even using the letter clues.




·          Use the hint button if you get stuck. Usually, the first letter is all you need to get you going.




·          Type out the words. It saves you time and earns you points!




·          Move fast. The quicker you solve the puzzle the more points you’ll gain.