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Cubis Creatures

Genre: Puzzle

Crash cubes for mega matches!

Fire the colorful cubes across the miniature checkerboard to score matches and clear the cubes! Every time three or more of the same color are touching, they’ll disappear. Score mega matches and big combos to clear the board quickly. New cube types appear as you progress through the game to provide extra challenges.

Firing Cubes

After each cube appears on the board, move your mouse left or right to select the row or column, then right-click to fire the cube. Keep an eye on the upper left to see which cubes are coming up next and plan your strategy.

Bonus Cubes

Clear the required number of cubes to complete each level. Star Cubes gives you a time bonus! Fill the meter on the left side of the screen to advance, and try to set up combos to clear cubes quickly.

Special Cubes

Special cubes come into play in the later levels. Wedge cubes slide underneath their target, so you need to think in three dimensions to set up a cascading combo. Stone cubes can’t be moved, but can be zapped with laser cubes.