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  Cubis Tips and Strategies




·          Play through the tutorial within the game. To play the tutorial in Cubis, click the Game Menu button and then click Learn How to Play.




·          Cubes will not be released until you release the left mouse button. So if you have clicked the left mouse button but don't like the placement of the cube, continue to hold down the button until the cube is where you want it.




·          The next three cube colors are displayed below the grid. Use these to plan ahead.




·          Clear as many cubes off the board as you can before the end of the round. You lose points for each remaining cube.




·          Try to clear cubes in a chain reaction. Clearing chains is called a “Cubis” and will add a lot of points to your score. Cubis is most easily achieved when cubes are stacked together in a large bunch.




·          A cube will be pushed out of the way if the square behind it is unoccupied. If cubes are in a stack, only the bottom cube will slide into the unoccupied square.




·          Cubes might crumble if they fall from a stack.




·          Some levels have stone blocks. You cannot move these blocks and so you will have to work around them. Laser cubes will destroy stone blocks.




Cube Types




·          Crumbled Cubes will break away when your sliding cube comes into contact with them. The sliding cube will pass through as if the crumbled cube was never there. However, Crumbled cubes will not break away when they come in contact with either a wedge or osmosis cube. Instead they will be lifted up as with normal cubes.




·          Laser Cubes (orange balls with gray boxes swirling around them) fire blue beams that destroy whatever is in their path. Each laser cube fires only once and destroys only one object. Laser cubes will destroy other cubes or stone blocks that stand in your way.




·          Osmosis cubes (cubes with “bubbles” inside) act just like wedge cubes. However, they have the added effect of changing the color of any cube they run into. If your red osmosis cube runs into a green cube, it will lift the green cube up and turn it red.





·          Star Cubes will cost you points if you don’t eliminate them (350 for each that is left at the end of the level).




·          Wedge cubes (shaped like wedges) will lift any cube they run into up to three high. If a wedge cube runs into a stack of three cubes, it will stop at the stack.









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