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Crossword Combat

Battle the World in Quick, Live Puzzle-Matches!

Wordsmiths rejoice – brain bending mayhem hits a new high in this update to the classic word game! There are no clues to slow the pace, just fill in the randomly generated puzzles before the time expires. It may sound easy, but complexity builds quickly; with five levels of difficulty there is a sweet spot for everyone. Can you outwit the world and reach the top tier?

Note: This game requires Internet Explorer 10 or later versions.

Let Your Fingers do the Talking

Use your keyboard to enter real words in each word space. Proper nouns are not allowed and misspelled words flash red. To change a word hit the Backspace key to delete and go back. The Spacebar will jump to the next word.

Inflate Your Score!

Use each Required Letter once in the puzzle. Use as many Bonus Letters as possible, each is worth more than the previous; three uses will unlock the next one (higher tiers have more Bonus Letters to unlock). Avoid using Penalty Letters. They will bite into your score.

Type Yourself into a Corner?

If you ever get stuck, click the Hint Button to fill in the word space. But use your hint wisely; you can only use one per match. A new hint is earned at every 2000pts. Play fast and smart to earn loads of hints.